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Manoj Bajpayee shoots for “Aiyaari” in Galgotia

Ashish Kedia

Blockbuster hit M S dhoni’s director Neeraje Pandey is shooting for his next crime-thriller movie at Galgotias University Campus 1, Noida.

While most details of this crime-thriller movie are being kept under wraps with no cameras or cell phones allowed on the sets, today’s scene schedule seems to be that of a army headquarters.

Manoj Bajpayee was spotted in a black T-Shirt and Khaki cargo when he came out for shooting the scene.

#Opinion : Between Ram and Meera, India has nothing to gain in this Presidential election

Ashish Kedia

The post of President in India is for all intent and purposes not much more than a ceremonial fixture. However this time again the fight for Constitutional head of India has failed to garner public interest.

The parameters of selecting candidates for this top post had little to do with public opinion or capabilities but is being used as a tool to get maximum political gains.

By fielding Ram Nath Kovind as its nominees BJP paved a path that wasn’t exactly necessary for Opposition to follow. If instead of making it a Dalit vs Dalit fight opposition has raked someone with greater competence and public acceptability, it’s attempt might have made some difference.

Metro Man E Sreedharan could have been a nomination that would have forced many BJP allies on to the backfoot, where they might have to change their minds.

However Congress straight up walked into the trap set up by BJP and now have made these elections a cake-walk for BJP nominee.

In all this battle of castes India has missed a chance to relive it’s Kalam moment.

Now no matter who becomes the five year tenant of luxurious 320 acre, 340 room Presidential estate, India and Indian’s will remain as unaffected as ever.