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Two Best Friends Finally Decided to Self Publish their ‘Untitled’ Story after a Long Wait of 7 Years

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Manik Nath and Ashish Malviya, two best friends, who have been friends from long time, but now are separated by distance of seas, finally released their book, Untitled – Every Life Needs a Name, in India, through Educreation Publishing, India's Number 1 Self Publishing Website.

Manik Nath is presently in Johannesburg, South Africa, and Ashish Malviya presently lives in Pune, but both of them have an inbound friendship which enables them to write and release their wonderful feelings in the form of a book.

'Untitled – Every Life Needs a Name' is basically a light read. The book is full of silly doings and funny acts of two teenage friends over love and otherwise. The core of the story revolves around the friendship of two best friends and their teenage love stories. The story will leave a nice smile on the readers as they can relate some part of the story or other with their own lives in a positive way. A reader may find himself laughing on and on while going through the comic and funny instances throughout the book.

The book has received a good response since its release; speaking about their experiences, Manik and Ashish told, "The feedback from a few readers is that the book passes a message friendship is the key to a lot of things in life."

The publication of 'Untitled' is a true success of the concept of self publishing in India. Through the self publishing platforms like Educreation Publishing, the authors can not only live their dreams but also can reach the readers with their works.

Speaking over directives and steps towards their first book, Manik and Ashish said, "After finishing the book, it took almost 7 years before the book could finally be published. Initially, we sent the script to many traditional publishers and got rejected, with one of the publishers we came very close to get published, but the publisher wanted us to modify the story to suit something which the publisher thought would be a hit in the market; however, we as authors were not ready to do this. We gave up hope at that time. After 7 years, we realized that the publishing scenario in India has changed and esteemed self publishing houses like Educreation have come forward to help new authors like us. We approached a few self publishing houses including Educreation. The commitment shown by the management team of Educreation in removing the publishing hurdles, and the dedication shown by the publishing team of Educreation helped our dream come true. We thank the team of Educreation for helping new authors like us who wanted to come in the Indian book market and for helping us realize our dreams."

With these words from two emerging Indian authors, no doubt Educreation Publishing is worth for its rank of Number 1 Self Publishing Website in India. By using self publishing services of Educreation Publishing, any emerging author can self publish his book in India, conveniently and professionally. The book published from Educreation Platform is made available internationally.

'Untitled – Every Life Needs a Name' is also available in more than 100 countries and in more than 39,000 locations as Paperback and eBook. In India, the book is available on Amazon, Flipkart, BooksCamel.com, Infibeam, Paytm, Rediff Books, Google Playstore, Kindle and many other places.

You may grab your own copy from the following links:

Educreation Store: http://www.educreation.in/store/untitled-manik-nath-ashish-malviya.html

BooksCamel: http://www.bookscamel.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=114

You may read more about the authors here:

Manik Nath: http://www.educreation.in/author/maniknath/

Ashish Malviya: http://www.educreation.in/author/ashishmalviya/

Photo Caption: Manik Nath and Ashish Malviya with their book, Untitled

Boehringer Ingelheim and Harvard scientists establish a research alliance to find novel treatments for severe fibrotic diseases

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Boehringer Ingelheim announced it has established a research collaboration with the Harvard Stem Cell Institute’s – Harvard Fibrosis Network to discover new ways of treating fibrotic diseases such as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), chronic kidney disease (CKD) and nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). The Harvard Fibrosis Network unites Harvard investigators in several of the University’s schools and at Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital.


Fibrosis is the formation of excess fibrous connective tissue in an organ or tissue and is typically associated with irreversible injury, scarring and inflammation of organs. The biology and mechanisms of progression of fibrotic diseases are poorly understood. The diseases can affect many organs, including liver, bone marrow, lung, kidney, gastrointestinal tract, skin, eye, and the heart, which may lead eventually to organ failure, severe disability and even death. They are a major cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Currently, treatments for fibrotic diseases are limited and new approaches are eagerly awaited by patients and physicians. Deeper insights into the common causes of fibrotic diseases are consequently urgently needed to enable the discovery of new therapeutic approaches and better treatments.


In collaboration with the Harvard Stem Cell Institute and the Harvard Fibrosis Network, Boehringer Ingelheim is initially sponsoring three projects to explore novel pathways and molecular targets for the treatment of IPF, CKD and NASH. Through the research collaboration, the project teams will also have access to the chemical compound collection and siRNA library at the ICCB-Longwood screening facility and will be supported by Shannan Ho Sui’s bioinformatics team at the Harvard Chan Bioinformatics Core at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute’s Center for Health Bioinformatics to discover new drivers of fibrosis.


Boehringer Ingelheim is committed to investigating unprecedented underlying pathophysiological mechanisms to enable the discovery of new treatments for diseases with high unmet medical need. Consequently a fibrosis cluster has been established in Discovery Research to support the identification of new targets for CardioMetabolic Diseases and Immunology and Respiratory Diseases. This research has already enabled the development of nintedanib (Ofev®), a compound intended for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, which led to approval in the US, EU and other countries and is currently also being studied in systemic sclerosis with interstitial lung disease (SSc-ILD) in a phase III clinical trial (SENSCIS™ ).


“We are very excited about joining forces with this renowned group of fibrosis researchers,” said Clive R. Wood, Ph.D., Senior Corporate Vice President Discovery Research at Boehringer Ingelheim. “We strongly believe that the integration of deep medical and preclinical research expertise across multiple fibrotic disorders is centrally important for the discovery of new treatments for patients”. Furthermore, Wood emphasized, “the Harvard Fibrosis Network and Boehringer Ingelheim’s fibrosis cluster team will work closely together to translate new findings and chemical starting points into drug discovery programs at Boehringer Ingelheim.”


Joseph V. Bonventre, MD/Ph.D., Executive Committee Member of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, and Chief of the Renal Unit and Director of the Bioengineering Division at Brigham and Women's Hospital added, “The breadth and depth of this collaborative effort is yet another reminder of Harvard Stem Cell Institute’s power as both a convener and a driver of research and treatment development. HSCI has brought together researchers across the Harvard biomedical ecosystem who are working in multiple organ systems with a leading pharmaceutical company with the goal of bringing new therapeutic approaches to a problem which is pervasive in medicine.”


All research projects will be sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim for an initial period of three years with additional projects added upon selection by the joint steering committee. Further details of the agreement are not disclosed.


About the Harvard Stem Cell Institute


The Harvard Stem Cell Institute brings together more than 1,000 scientists in the schools and affiliated hospitals of Harvard, to fund novel research, and implement new collaborative academic and industrial models, all focused on advancing basic understanding of human development and disease, and on using stem cell science to develop cures and treatments for a wide range of human diseases and conditions.


About Harvard Fibrosis Network


The Harvard Fibrosis Network is a scientific collaborative of distinguished Harvard researchers led by Joseph Bonventre, Executive Committee member of Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) and Chief of the Renal Unit at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Further leaders of the Network are, Harvard Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) researchers Andrew Tager, Principal Investigator at the Center for Immunology and Inflammatory Diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH); Raymond T. Chung, Principal Investigator and Vice Chief of Gastrointestinal Unit at MGH; and Alan Mullen, Principal Investigator in the Liver Center at MGH.


About Boehringer Ingelheim


Boehringer Ingelheim is one of the world’s 20 leading pharmaceutical companies. Headquartered in Ingelheim, Germany, Boehringer Ingelheim operates globally through 145 affiliates and a total of some 47,500 employees. The focus of the family-owned company, founded in 1885, is on researching, developing, manufacturing and marketing new medications of high therapeutic value for human and veterinary medicine.


Social responsibility is an important element of the corporate culture at Boehringer Ingelheim. This includes worldwide involvement in social projects through, for example, the initiative “Making More Health” while also caring for employees. Respect, equal opportunity and reconciling career and family form the foundation of mutual cooperation. The company also focuses on environmental protection and sustainability in everything it does.


In 2015, Boehringer Ingelheim achieved net sales of about 14.8 billion euros. R&D expenditure corresponds to 20.3 per cent of net sales.


For more information please visit www.boehringer-ingelheim.com





Final Subject Enrolled in Early Feasibility Study of the GORE® EXCLUDER® Thoracoabdominal Branch Endoprosthesis

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W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. (Gore) today announced completion of enrollment into its early feasibility study evaluating the GORE® EXCLUDER® Thoracoabdominal Branch Endoprosthesis (TAMBE) for the treatment of aortic aneurysms involving the visceral branch vessels. The TAMBE is designed to be the first complete off-the-shelf solution for the treatment of this complex disease. The device adds to Gore’s comprehensive portfolio of aortic branch solutions designed to effectively treat aortic aneurysms through minimally invasive means.


This Smart News Release features multimedia. View the full release here: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160607005620/en/


The GORE® EXCLUDER® Thoracoabdominal Branch Endoprosthesis (TAMBE). (Photo: Business Wire)

The GORE® EXCLUDER® Thoracoabdominal Branch Endoprosthesis (TAMBE). (Photo: Business Wire)

Today, U.S. physicians treating patients with aneurysms involving the visceral segment have limited options. The open surgical procedure is complex and is associated with a high rate of mortality and morbidity. Furthermore, those who would prefer a minimally invasive approach are currently limited to a combination of products not designed for this purpose, or must wait for a custom-built device, when and if the patient’s anatomy qualifies them for this option.


“The early feasibility study included two configurations of the TAMBE Device,” said Michel Makaroun, MD, Chief of the Division of Vascular Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine and National Principal Investigator of the study. “In addition to the original retrograde renal branch configuration, a new antegrade configuration allowing all of the branches to be delivered from the patient’s arm, was evaluated.”


The antegrade configuration also features a shorter device length to optimize the fit of this design across the largest set of patient anatomies. The all-in-one system has four pre-cannulated portals for the placement of the stent-graft branches in the visceral branch vessels. Additionally, the antegrade version maintains an intuitive staged delivery system intended to provide physicians the ability to reposition the graft and aid in the selective catheterization of the branches throughout the deployment process.


“Building a custom device can add a lengthy delay to time-sensitive treatments. An off-the-shelf solution from Gore makes sense as the company’s products have been designed specifically to work together to solve complex medical challenges,” said Mark Farber, MD, a vascular surgeon (aortic specialist) in Chapel Hill, N.C., and participant in the study. “This enhancement to the original GORE EXCLUDER Thoracoabdominal Device will help bring a minimally invasive option to the greatest number of eligible patients while reducing the complexity of the procedure.”


In 2013, the FDA released guidance regarding early feasibility studies, which offers a relatively new pathway to facilitate providing patients with access to safe, effective new technologies of significant importance. As cited in the guidance, the pathway enables “early clinical evaluation of devices to provide proof of principle and initial clinical safety data.” The device’s early feasibility study has now enrolled the required 10 subjects, with more than half of these implanted with the latest generation of the device. This study follows an ongoing clinical study that began in Brazil in 2014.


“Since bringing our first EVAR device to the market nearly two decades ago, Gore has been committed to providing innovative solutions to treat patients endovascularly who would have been treated surgically in the past. The completion of the TAMBE early feasibility study is the latest example of our quest to provide a complete portfolio of devices for the minimally invasive treatment of aortic aneurysm cases,” said Ryan Takeuchi, Aortic Business Unit Leader at Gore.


The GORE EXCLUDER Thoracoabdominal Branch Device is part of the growing family of endovascular products that share a mission to effectively treat aortic disease, backed by Gore’s highly rated clinical support team and educational offerings. The comprehensive portfolio of products includes the first FDA approved off-the-shelf iliac branch device, the GORE® EXCLUDER® Iliac Branch Endoprosthesis (IBE), indicated for the endovascular treatment of common iliac artery aneurysms or aortoiliac aneurysms. To round out the branched portfolio, studies are also underway in the U.S. for GORE® TAG® Thoracic Branch Endoprosthesis.


For more information about Gore’s aortic family of products, please visit http://www.goremedical.com/aortic.




At Gore Medical, we have provided creative therapeutic solutions to complex medical problems for 40 years. During that time, 40 million innovative Gore Medical Devices have been implanted, saving and improving the quality of lives worldwide.Our extensive family of products includes vascular grafts, endovascular and interventional devices, surgical meshes for hernia and soft tissue reconstruction, staple line reinforcement materials, and sutures for use in vascular, cardiac, and general surgery. We are one of a select few companies to appear on all of the U.S. “100 Best Companies to Work For” lists since the rankings debuted in 1984. For more information, visit www.goremedical.com.


Products listed may not be available in all markets. GORE®, EXCLUDER®, and designs are trademarks of W. L. Gore & Associates.






Om Puri Praises Manoj Ramola’s New Book “Audition Room” Published by Educreation Publishing

Business Wire India
The recent publication Audition Room, from Educreation Publishing (www.educreation.in), the leading Self Publishing Company in India, is hitting the Bollywood and television industry with its dominant presence.

Audition Room is India's first-ever book about casting (performing arts) process and auditioning techniques from the point of view of an Indian casting director, Manoj Ramola, who has more than 6 years of working experience with the biggest media channels like ZEE, Star, Life OK, Disney and many more. This book provides an in-depth understanding of the entertainment industry for budding actors.

Since the release of the book, a number of well-known personalities, including actors – Om Puri and Shabana Azmi, and filmmakers – R. Balki, Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal, Anang Desai, Ankit Bathla, Sonal Parihar, Mrunal Jain, Abhishek Malik, Amit Dolawat and Ashutosh Kaushik, have stepped up to support it.

Appreciating Manoj's book, Om Puri said, "An effort of this kind will help aspiring actors to get a clear view of the entertainment industry. When most youngsters come to this town pursuing their dreams, they often don't know what to expect and how to go about it. For many reasons, more lies and half truths are floating around and there are very few facts."

Author of the book, Manoj Ramola, was born on 27 June 1987. After completing his graduation from Nainital, he decided to make his career in the entertainment industry and moved to Mumbai in 2008. In his casting career, Manoj has casted several actors for production houses, including STAR TV, Disney Channel (India), Bindass, Endemol, Sony Entertainment Television (India), Channel V and Life OK.

Apart from film and TV, he has also done casting for dozens of TVC featuring brands, including Marvel Tea, Microtek and Kesh King. Manoj has started his casting (performing arts) career with the Indian Television series 'Savdhaan India' for Life OK. He has also worked on famous shows like Crime Patrol (Sony Entertainment Television), Sadda Haq (Channel V), Chhal – Sheh Aur Maat (Colors TV), Fear Files (Zee TV) and many more.

With the genesis of publishing such unique books from a Self Publishing Website in India, no doubt, Self Publishing in India is turning its phase. Now, more and more authors are attracted towards self publishing of their books because of the unmatched benefits of self publishing over the traditional publishing system. Self publishing, on one hand, authors have complete control over the book publication; on the other, they retain all rights of their book.

Self Publishing is trending among the emerging Indian authors, and Educreation Publishing is leading the self publishing platform in India since 2011. With books like Audition Room, Educreation Publishing is making its name as the most successful and trustworthy Self Publishing Company in India.

Audition Room is available both in Hindi and English language editions, globally in more than 100 countries and more than 39,000 locations, in print and as eBooks. In India, one can get a Paperback copy of the book in Amazon, Flipkart, Infibeam, BooksCamel and Educreation Store, and eBook is available on Playstore, Kindle and Google Books.

Grab your own copy now:

Educreation Store: http://www.educreation.in/store/audition-room-manoj-ramola-english.html

BooksCamel: http://www.bookscamel.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=81

You may read more about the author, Manoj Ramola, here:

Photo Caption: Author, Manoj Ramola with his book Audition Room

India Ranks 141 Out of 163 Countries in Global Peace Index 2016

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  • Violence impacted India’s economy by $679.80 billion in 2016, 9% of India’s GDP, or $525 per person
  • The economic impact of violence on the global economy totalled $13.6 trillion or 13.3% of gross world product, equivalent to 11 times the size of global foreign direct investment
  • The economic impact of violence was $137 trillion over the last decade – greater than global GDP in 2015
  • The world became less peaceful in 2016, reinforcing an underlying decade-long deterioration in world peacefulness driven primarily by increased terrorism and higher levels of political instability
  • Refugees and displaced persons have risen dramatically over the last decade, doubling to approximately 60 million people between 2007 and 2016, nearly 1% of the world’s population

India is ranked as the 141st country in the Global Peace Index (GPI) 2016 released today, and is ranked fifth out of the seven countries in the South Asia region.
The tenth edition of the GPI highlights a stark and growing inequality in global levels of peacefulness as the gap between the most and least peaceful countries continues to widen. The study, by international think-tank the Institute for Economics and Peace, finds that, while 81 countries improved, the deterioration in another 79 outweighed these gains, meaning that peace declined at a faster rate than in the previous year. Despite this some of the most peaceful countries are now recording historically high levels of peace.
In the last decade India has deteriorated in peace by 5% largely due to deteriorations in the indicators measuring UN peacekeeping funding and the level of political terror.
The score for the Middle East and Africa (MENA), the least peaceful region in the world in last year’s report, dropped further as regional conflicts intensified, dragging down global peacefulness. So intense is the current concentration of violence and conflict in MENA that, when considered separately, the rest of the world’s average peace levels improved. Three of the five biggest declines in peace occurred in the region including Yemen, Libya and Bahrain.
Steve Killelea, Founder and Executive Chairman of the IEP observed, “As internal conflicts in MENA become more entrenched, external parties are increasingly becoming more involved and the potential for indirect or ‘war by proxy’ between nation states is rising. This was already evident in Syria with the conflict between the Assad regime and multiple non-state actors, and is now spilling into countries such as Yemen. There is a broader proxy conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran, and more recently both US and Russia have increased their level of involvement.”
The global deterioration in peace in 2015 was driven by increased terrorism and higher levels of political instability. While the majority of terrorist activity is highly concentrated in five countries – Syria, Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan and Pakistan – the breadth of terrorism is spreading, with only 23% of countries in the Index not experiencing a terrorist incident. Europe, which was once again the most peaceful region in the world, saw its average score deteriorate in this year’s report in the wake of terrorism incidents in Paris and Brussels, with deaths from terrorism in Europe having more than doubled over the last five years.
The number of refugees and displaced persons has risen dramatically over the last decade, doubling to approximately 60 million people between 2007 and 2016, nearly 1% of the world’s population. There are now nine countries with more than 10% of their population displaced in some form; 20% of Somalia and South Sudan’s population respectively, and over 60% of Syria’s.
While the global economic impact of violence dropped by 2% when compared to last year’s report, it was still a staggering $13.6 trillion in 2015, equivalent to 11 times the size of global foreign direct investment. This represents 13.3% of world GDP, or $1,876 per person. In the last ten years the economic impact of violence was $137 trillion; greater than global GDP in 2015.
Steve Killelea remarked, “The increasing internationalisation of internal conflicts has coincided with UN peacekeeping funding reaching record highs in 2016: it was the largest improved indicator in this year’s report with more deployed peacekeepers and more countries being up-to-date with their UN peacekeeping dues. However, peacebuilding and peacekeeping spending remains proportionately small compared to the economic impact of violence, representing just 2% of global losses from armed conflict.
“In 2015, violence containment expenditure in India totalled $679.8 billion PPP, an increase of 7% from 2008. At 9% of GDP this was ranked 65th in the world. Addressing the global disparity in peace and achieving an overall 10% decrease in the economic impact of violence would produce a peace dividend of $1.36 trillion. This is approximately equivalent to the size of world food exports.”
Europe was once again ranked the most peaceful region in the world. The largest improvement since last year occurred in Central America and the Caribbean, while South America also made progress in its levels of peacefulness. MENA had the largest decline, followed by Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe and Asia Pacific respectively. South Asia remains the second least peaceful region. Afghanistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and India deteriorated; while Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Pakistan improved modestly. Internal security concerns were heightened in Bangladesh and Nepal owing to anti-government protests. Afghanistan has seen a resurgence of violence in the last year, with a number of clashes between government and Taliban forces, and the possible re-emergence of Al-Qaeda after the withdrawal of coalition forces in 2014.
The report also provides an audit of the available data to measure Goal 16 of the Sustainable Development Goals – the UN member states formal recognition of the critical nature of peacefulness in advancing global development. It finds that, while there is some existing data to track progress and therefore hold member states accountable to meeting their targets, serious investment will need to be made to measure the goals.
The report concludes with new research into resilience and what the IEP identifies as ‘Positive Peace’; the attitudes, institutions and structures which sustain peace. It finds that, over the course of the decade, 13 times more lives were lost in natural disasters in low Positive Peace countries than in countries which are high in Positive Peace.
For more information, go to www.visionofhumanity.org.
Note to Editors
GPI report, video, and interactive maps are available at: www.visionofhumanity.org

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GlobPeaceIndex (#GPI2016)

Facebook: www.facebook.com/globalpeaceindex
About the Global Peace Index (GPI)

This is the tenth edition of the GPI: the world’s leading measure of global peacefulness produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP). It gauges on-going domestic and international conflict, safety and security in society, and the degree of militarisation in 163 countries and territories by taking into account 23 indicators. The tenth anniversary report presents the most comprehensive analysis to date on the trends in peace and violence over the past decade. The 2016 edition expands its coverage by including Palestine for the first time.
About the Institute for Economics and Peace

IEP is an international and independent think tank dedicated to shifting the world’s focus to peace as a positive, achievable and tangible measure of human well-being and progress.

Gateway House and MEA Bring Foreign Policy Debate to Mumbai

Business Wire India

  • Seminal conference, “The Gateway of India Dialogue: Where geopolitics meets business”, scheduled for 13-14 June
  • Foreign Secretary Mr. S Jaishankar to inaugurate the event and deliver keynote speech
  • Union Ministers and Foreign Secretary to chair sessions
  • Foreign ministers of Sri Lanka, Nepal to attend the meet
  • Leading industrialists, bankers and policy experts to participate
  • In further sign of Mumbai’s growing relevance in foreign policy debate, Gateway House also hosts T20, a preparatory meeting for the G20

Mumbai is due to host a seminal foreign policy event, “The Gateway of India Dialogue: Where geopolitics meets business”, on 13-14 June. The event is co-hosted by the Ministry of External Affairs and Gateway House, the foreign policy think tank. The conference will feature a range of prominent foreign policy, trade and security issues.

This is the first time that such a high-level foreign affairs conference is taking place in Mumbai.  The city is India’s commercial capital and accounts for substantial foreign trade by both value and volume. The Gateway of India Dialogue event will bring together an Indian and international audience consisting of senior union ministers, leading industrialists, foreign ministers from neighbouring countries and policy experts.

The two-day event will be inaugurated by S Jaishankar, Foreign Secretary, who will also deliver a keynote address on “Aligning Business and Strategic Goals”. Central ministers Dharmendra Pradhan and Kiren Rijiju, as well as a broad range of panellists, will be addressing diverse issues such as global capital, the politics of energy, international trade agreements and cybersecurity.

Several senior international ministers are due to participate in the high-level meeting. These include Kamal Thapa, the Nepalese Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister, and Canada’s former Minsiter of Citizenship and Immigration Christopher Alexander. Global subject matter experts will drive the panel discussions, including Narendra Karmarkar, the creator of “Karmarkar’s algorithm”, who will contribute to the cybersecurity panel.

Leading industrialists like Adi Godrej and experts led by Mohandas Pai, Anshu Jain, and Manish Sabharwal will offer the business perspective on the same subjects.

The two-day meeting will conclude with a closing keynote by V K Singh, Honourable State Minister on “India’s Global Engagement Strategy: greater energy, growing aspirations.”

Further amplifying Mumbai’s increasing relevance to the foreign policy debate, the city is also playing host to “T20: Dialogue on Global Economic Governance” on 13 June.  The event is the official sub-forum of the G20 process, responsible for contributing ideas and research to the G20 on global economic issues. T20 will be attended by experts in international economics from over 30 leading think tanks from across Southeast and South Asia as well as from G20 countries. T20 and Gateway of India Dialogue delegates will be attending and speaking at each event respectively, adding their expertise to both.

Commenting on these forthcoming events, Manjeet Kripalani, Executive Director of Gateway House said: “Geopolitics and international trade are closely linked.  Mumbai is already known as India’s commercial capital and its business community should have a seat at the table when discussing strategic geopolitical affairs.  Gateway House is delighted to offer the platform for this to happen through these events”.
Follow us on Twitter ‎@GatewayHouseIND #GOID2016
Know more at www.gatewayhouse.in/goi

Shop CJ Brings 2nd Generation Instant-hair-building Technology

Business Wire India
Bringing in an advanced solution to the problem of thin and scanty hair, Shop CJ, Asia’s No. 1 home shopping network, has introduced a 2nd generation technology hair product ‘Hair4Real’ – a microfiber product for hair that gives the desired density to the hair instantly. ‘Hair4Real’ has been inspired by nature and provides volumising effect with added shine to the hair which works in 30 seconds. The product comes with a moisturizing hair lock spray which nourishes hair with ingredients like Aloe Vera, Rosemary, Lavender and number of Vitamins.
Available in Black and Dark Brown for Indian hair, ‘Hair4Real’ boasts of colour lock technology that gives natural and seamless look. This colour lock technology protects against sun damage and preserves the colour of hair. The colour will not run even if you sweat.
According to reports, more than 58% of men in the age of 30-50 years suffer from hair problems greying of hair and hair loss due to stressful lifestyle. Recommended by dermatologists, ‘Hair4Real’ is made up of consistently sized micro fibers which does not get stuck in pores and lets the skin breathe.
Dhruva Chandrie, COO, Shop CJ Network, said, “The demand for hair care product in India is growing high in number and natural products have made their way back in fashion. People now are becoming increasingly aware of the ingredients contained in the products that they use in everyday life. Hair4Real a natural product made of 2nd generation technology is an incredible product used in around 70 countries in the world. We are certain that our consumers will love the product.”
The product is available in all the platforms of Shop CJ at Rs. 799/. It delivers premium experience and fantastic results without harsh chemicals that people wish to avoid.
About Shop CJ Network Private Limited (“Shop CJ”)
SHOP CJ Network Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly Known as STAR CJ Network India Pvt. Ltd) is a 50:50 joint venture between the South Korean home shopping major, CJ O Shopping Co. Ltd. and Providence Equity Partners group. It operates a 24×7 home shopping channel called SHOP CJ (formerly STAR CJ Alive) and a web-based portal www.shopcj.com (formerly www.starcj.com), apart from its programs being available on many other channels. SHOP CJ channel is available on major DTH and analogue & digital cable platforms. It reaches more than 85 million households in India. One of its promoters, CJ O Shopping Co Ltd (“CJ”) operates Asia’s No.1 home shopping network  (in terms of  Gross Merchandise Value as per Technopak’s Report dated 2nd April 2015) operating in 10 sites, including Korea, China, Mexico, India, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Turkey and Philippines. CJ Shopping brings “shoppertainment” and trendy lifestyle products with value to its customers.
For further information on SHOP CJ, please visit our website http://www.shopcj.com/

Mega Attacks Hits New Record; Repeat Attacks Surge; Booter/Stresser Sites Launching Multiple Attack Vectors Simultaneously

Business Wire India
Akamai Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: AKAM), the global leader in content delivery network (CDN) services, today published the Q1 2016 State of the Internet – Security Report. The quarterly report provides a detailed view of the global cloud security threat landscape and in-depth analysis and insight into malicious activity observed across the Akamai Intelligent Platform. Download the latest State of the Internet – Security Report at stateoftheinternet.com/security-report.

“We have continued to witness significant growth in the number and frequency of DDoS and web application attacks launched against online assets, and Q1 2016 was no exception,” said Stuart Scholly, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Security Business Unit, Akamai. “Interestingly, nearly 60 percent of the DDoS attacks we mitigated used at least two attack vectors at once, making defense more difficult. Perhaps more concerning, this multi-vector attacks functionality was not only used by the most clever of attackers, it has become a standard capability in the DDoS-for-hire marketplace and accessible to even the least skilled actors.”
DDoS attack activity at a glance
During Q1, Akamai mitigated more than 4,500 DDoS attacks, a 125 percent increase compared with Q1 2015. As in recent quarters, the vast majority of these attacks were based on reflection attacks using stresser/booter-based tools. These tools bounce traffic off servers running vulnerable services such as DNS, CHARGEN, and NTP. In fact, 70 percent of the DDoS attacks in Q1 used the reflection-based DNS, CHARGEN, NTP, or UDP fragment vectors.
More than half of the attacks (55 percent) targeted gaming companies, with another 25 percent targeting the software and technology industry.
Q1 2016 also set a record for the number of DDoS attacks exceeding 100 Gigabits per second (Gbps): 19.  The largest of these mega attacks mitigated by Akamai peaked at 289 Gbps. 14 attacks relied on DNS reflection methods. Last quarter, there were only five mega attacks; the previous record was 17, set in Q3 2014.
During Q4 2015, repeat DDoS attacks became the norm, with an average of 24 attacks per targeted customer in Q4. The trend continued this quarter; targeted customers were attacked an average of 39 times each. One customer was targeted 283 times – an average of three attacks per day.
DDoS metrics
Compared with Q1 2015

  • 125.36 percent increase in total DDoS attacks
  • 142.14 percent increase in infrastructure layer (layers 3 & 4) attacks
  • 34.98 percent decrease in the average attack duration: 16.14 vs. 24.82 hours
  • 137.5 percent increase in attacks > 100 Gbps: 19 vs. eight

Compared with Q4 2015

  • 22.47 percent increase in total DDoS attacks
  • 23.17 percent increase in infrastructure layer (layers 3 & 4) attacks
  • 7.96 percent increase in the average attack duration: 16.14 vs. 14.95 hours
  • 280 percent increase in attacks > 100 Gbps: 19 vs. five

Web application attack activity
Web application attacks increased nearly 26 percent compared with Q4 2015. As in past quarters, the retail sector remained the most popular attack target, targeted in 43 percent of the attacks. But in a shift from last quarter, we saw a two percent decrease in web application attacks over HTTP and a 236 percent increase in web application attacks over HTTPS. There was also an 87 percent increase in SQLi attacks compared with the previous quarter.
As in recent quarters, the US was both the most frequent source of web application attack traffic (43 percent) and the most frequent target (60 percent).
Web application attack metrics
Compared with Q4 2015

  • 25.52 percent increase in total web application attacks
  • 1.77 percent decrease in web application attacks over HTTP
  • 235.99 percent increase in web application attacks over HTTPS
  • 87.32 percent increase in SQLi attacks

Bot activity snapshot

For the first time, we have included an analysis of bot activity in the State of the Internet – Security Report. Looking at bot activity over 24 hours, we tracked and analyzed more than two trillion bot requests. While identified and known, so-called good bots represented 40 percent of the bot traffic, 50 percent of the bots were determined to be malicious and were engaged in scraping campaigns and related activity.
Growth in DDoS reflectors
Using firewall data from the perimeter of the Akamai Intelligent Platform, our analysis showed a 77 percent growth in active Quote of the Day (QOTD) reflectors, a 72 percent increase in NTP reflectors and a 67 percent increase in CHARGEN reflectors compared to Q4 2015. Active SSDP reflectors declined by 46 percent.
Download the report
A complimentary copy of the Q1 2016 State of the Internet – Security Report is available for download at stateoftheinternet.com/security-report.
About Akamai
As the global leader in Content Delivery Network (CDN) services, Akamai makes the Internet fast, reliable and secure for its customers. The company's advanced web performance, mobile performance, cloud security and media delivery solutions are revolutionizing how businesses optimize consumer, enterprise and entertainment experiences for any device, anywhere. To learn how Akamai solutions and its team of Internet experts are helping businesses move faster forward, please visit www.akamai.com or blogs.akamai.com, and follow @Akamai on Twitter.

Photo Caption: Q1 2016 State of the Internet Security Report

Hilton Worldwide Reinforces its Commitment to Responsibly Source Seafood in Collaboration with World Wildlife Fund

Business Wire India

Hilton Worldwide (NYSE: HLT) reinforced its commitment to the environment by announcing multi-year sustainable seafood goals on World Oceans Day. In collaboration with World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Hilton has committed to implementing strong, global sustainable seafood goals in conjunction with the company’s Travel with Purpose strategy, which was launched in 2011 to use Hilton’s passion for hospitality to make a lasting, positive difference in people’s lives and the wider world.


This Smart News Release features multimedia. View the full release here: http://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20160608005138/en/


Hilton announces new industry-leading sustainable seafood goals on World Oceans Day (Graphic: Busine ...

Hilton announces new industry-leading sustainable seafood goals on World Oceans Day (Graphic: Business Wire)

Hilton’s sustainable seafood goals will comprise the global ban of procurement of endangered species as identified by WWF, and the transition of its seafood purchasing to sustainable and responsible sources. By 2022, Hilton will source at least 25 percent of its total global seafood volume for owned, managed and leased properties from Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified fisheries and Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) certified farms. The remaining seafood will be sourced from fisheries and farms working toward MSC and ASC certification, comprehensive fishery and aquaculture improvement projects, or those listed as “green” on WWF regional seafood guides. WWF will help Hilton measure and report progress to ensure the company is on track to achieve its goals.


This commitment follows Hilton’s global ban on shark fin from restaurants and food & beverage facilities in 2014. In 2015, Hilton was first-in-industry to receive MSC chain-of-custody certifications in Europe and Asia. In the Americas, Hilton also sources shrimp from suppliers like Sysco that are committed to sustainable seafood.


“Identifying, implementing and scaling up responsible sourcing practices is a huge and complex task, but we are committed to addressing the environmental and social impacts of our supply chain – beginning with seafood,” said Maxime Verstraete, vice president of corporate responsibility, Hilton Worldwide. “We are pleased to work with WWF to further engage our Team Members, suppliers and guests, and leverage our company’s size and scale to help protect the world’s oceans for current and future generations.”


“By committing to buy more seafood from MSC-certified fisheries and ASC-certified farms around the world, Hilton is sending a strong market demand signal for responsibly sourced seafood,” said Caroline Tippett, director of seafood, World Wildlife Fund. “When multinational companies extend their commitments across their global operations, it increases sustainable seafood awareness and demand in various markets, which is especially valuable for those where the concept may be less advanced. In addition, it’s particularly important that the company will support MSC and ASC, as they represent the strongest certification programs for responsible seafood supply.”


In addition to collaborating to advance sustainable seafood, Hilton and WWF are also working together to improve the company’s water stewardship, reduce food waste, and accelerate the adoption of renewable energy. These efforts will help reduce pressure on fisheries, farms, and watersheds around the world.


About Travel with Purpose


Travel with Purpose is Hilton Worldwide's corporate responsibility commitment to providing shared value to its business and communities by creating opportunities for individuals to reach their full potential; strengthening communities where Hilton Worldwide operates; and preserving environments through the measurement, analysis and improvement of the company's use of natural resources. Visit cr.hiltonworldwide.com to learn more.


About Hilton Worldwide


Hilton Worldwide (NYSE: HLT) is a leading global hospitality company, comprising more than 4,660 managed, franchised, owned and leased hotels and timeshare properties with nearly 765,000 rooms in 102 countries and territories. For 96 years, Hilton Worldwide has been dedicated to continuing its tradition of providing exceptional guest experiences. The company's portfolio of 13 world-class global brands includes Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Canopy by Hilton, Curio – A Collection by Hilton, DoubleTree by Hilton, Embassy Suites by Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton by Hilton, Tru by Hilton, Homewood Suites by Hilton, Home2 Suites by Hilton and Hilton Grand Vacations. The company also manages an award-winning customer loyalty program, Hilton HHonors®. Hilton HHonors members who book directly through preferred Hilton channels have access to benefits including preferred pricing, free standard Wi-Fi, as well as digital amenities that are available exclusively through the industry-leading Hilton HHonors app, where HHonors members can check-in, choose their room, and access their room using a Digital Key. Visit news.hiltonworldwide.com for more information and connect with Hilton Worldwide on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn and Instagram.




Waldorf Astoria Set to Open in the Middle East’s Leading Financial District

Business Wire India

Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Worldwide‘s (NYSE:HLT) luxury brand of iconic landmark hotels, announced the signing of a management agreement with Ward Holdings to open a property in the Middle East’s leading gateway for capital and investment, Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).


Waldorf Astoria Dubai International Financial Centre is expected to begin welcoming guests in Autumn 2017, and will offer travellers timeless luxury and exceptional experiences in this bustling area of Dubai. The hotel will join a prestigious portfolio of 25 Waldorf Astoria properties operating in diverse global destinations such as Amsterdam, Beijing and New York.


“Sound fundamentals underpin our luxury story in the Middle East, where we have seen exceptional growth in locations tailored for both leisure and business travellers,” said Carlos Khneisser, vice president of development, Middle East and North Africa for Hilton Worldwide. “I have long admired the role DIFC plays in the world of international investment, benefitting from its east meets west location and world-class trading framework. As an iconic luxury brand originating from New York, another centre of global finance, I am delighted that we will welcome Waldorf Astoria to this international hub.”


Forming part of a mixed-use residential, retail and office-space development, Waldorf Astoria Dubai International Financial Centre will feature 247 guest rooms, as well as a range of upscale dining options, spa and wellness facilities. Significant events space will include a grand ballroom and a further four meeting rooms, designed for social occasions and corporate events.


Mr. Shehab Gargash, representative of the property owners, said, “Our partnership with Hilton Worldwide for the management of this truly exceptional property under the Waldorf Astoria luxury brand, at the heart of one of the world’s most dynamic financial centres, will significantly enrich the high-end hospitality and dining environments in DIFC. It will offer business, as well as leisure travellers, new and compelling luxurious living option at the heart of Dubai’s major financial, business and commercial centres, with easy access to the largest shopping malls and a wide range of restaurants and entertainment.”


Dubai enjoys a prestigious reputation as a destination of choice for business and leisure travellers – with its array of upscale tourist attractions, attractive climate as well as being a hub for business and commerce in the region. The upcoming Dubai Expo 2020 will shine a year-long spotlight on the Emirate as more than 25 million visitors are expected to attend.


John T.A. Vanderslice, global head, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, said, “Our luxury presence in the Middle East is further bolstered by this superb addition in DIFC, joining the UAE’s Dubai Palm Jumeirah and Ras Al Khaimah where we already welcome guests with True Waldorf Service. In the coming years we are set to open in new locations across the world, from Beverly Hills to Bangkok and Bali – as Waldorf Astoria continues to set the standard for international luxury travel.”


Across the Middle East, Hilton Worldwide is rapidly expanding its portfolio of mid-market, upscale and luxury properties within its distinct portfolio of brands. In 2015, notable milestones included the opening of three Hilton Garden Inn hotels in Dubai; the signing of an agreement for the first Hampton by Hilton in the Middle East; as well as confirmation of the first Curio, a Collection by Hilton for Dubai with The Rosemont Hotel & Residences. Waldorf Astoria Dubai International Financial Centre will be located on Al Saada Street, opposite DIFC and approximately 10 kilometres from Dubai International Airport (DXB).


From arrival to departure, guests will be embraced by the hotel's inspirational environments and welcomed by True Waldorf Service. Waldorf Astoria Dubai International Financial Centre’s Personal Concierges will ensure that each guest receives anticipatory and personalized service; before, during, and after their stay.


Waldorf Astoria Dubai International Financial Centre will participate in Hilton HHonors®, the only guest loyalty program where guests who book directly through www.waldorfastoria.com have access to benefits including a Personal Concierge and complimentary Wi-Fi at 25 Waldorf Astoria hotels worldwide.


Learn more about Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts at www.waldorfastoria.com. Media can view renderings of Waldorf Astoria Dubai International Financial Centre and additional information at http://news.waldorfastoria.com/dubaiifc.


About Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts


Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts is a portfolio of 25 iconic properties in the world’s most sought after destinations. Unified by their inspirational environments and True Waldorf Service, Waldorf Astoria hotels deliver unparalleled, bespoke service from the moment a guest books through check out. Waldorf Astoria is a part of Hilton Worldwide, a leading global hospitality company. Experience Waldorf Astoria by booking at www.waldorfastoria.com. Learn about the brand by visiting http://news.waldorfastoria.com or following the brand on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


About Hilton Worldwide


Hilton Worldwide (NYSE: HLT) is a leading global hospitality company, comprising more than 4,660 managed, franchised, owned and leased hotels and timeshare properties with nearly 765,000 rooms in 102 countries and territories. For 96 years, Hilton Worldwide has been dedicated to continuing its tradition of providing exceptional guest experiences. The company's portfolio of 13 world-class global brands includes Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts, Conrad Hotels & Resorts, Canopy by Hilton, Curio – A Collection by Hilton, DoubleTree by Hilton, Embassy Suites by Hilton, Hilton Garden Inn, Hampton by Hilton, Tru by Hilton, Homewood Suites by Hilton, Home2 Suites by Hilton and Hilton Grand Vacations. The company also manages an award-winning customer loyalty program, Hilton HHonors®. Hilton HHonors members who book directly through preferred Hilton channels have access to benefits including preferred pricing, free standard Wi-Fi, as well as digital amenities that are available exclusively through the industry-leading Hilton HHonors app, where HHonors members can check-in, choose their room, and access their room using a Digital Key. Visit news.hiltonworldwide.com for more information and connect with Hilton Worldwide on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr, LinkedIn and Instagram.