National Organisation of Bank Worker’s (NOBW) an Industrial Federation of Bhartiya Mazdoor Sangh is agitated on the rued and inresponsible statments and act of Politicians and Bureaucrats. From top management to 4th class of the Banks are working hard and sincerely to facilitate the public since demonetisation. Banks are working even on the holidays and 12 to 18 hours on regular working days.
Now politicians have started provoking public against bankers by issuing irresponsible statements in public.Who will protect bankers from unruly public in view of difficulties being faced by them??

We are forced to remain helpless because of your non-cooperation despite reviewing the situation daily in the morning and evening,” Chandrababu rued and warned the bankers that any “lackadaisical attitude” would not be tolerated.
Now it is the turn of Bureaucrats to hold bankers responsible for the cash crunch. Lead District Manager , Karnal has been issued notice by Dy. Commissioner, Karnal. LDM was asked by the district administration to ensure availability of cash at Bank branches and ATMs in the district. When position didn’t improve , administration has issued notice to LDM regarding cash crunch and summoned him to explain non compliance.

We should understand that Banks are not printing the notes but whatever is provided by the RBI they are doing their best to facilitate the public.

Therefore, we request the Central Govt to kindly advice the Bureaucrats and Politicians for making such statements and give orders. And instead of doing this type of things they should come forward for the help of hard working Bankers.