Feedback and suggestions on demonetisation @pmoindia @narendramodi


The government of India has allowed withdrawal by either party having marriage upto Rs 2.5 lac is a welcome step not only to resolve crises faced by many people after demonetisation but also a undeclared statement that marriage expenses are to be kept in limit.

Extravagant marriage expenses are always a point of criticism by me. It’s good that combined marriage expenses are capped @ Rs 5.0 lac for withdrawals. There must be a law enforced with by social patrons or parliament members that marriage expenses can not be more than Rs 10 lac for anybody, whatsoever is the wealth of the parents of either party. For politicians, it should be capped @ Rs 2 Lac as its high time for politicians after having people like Mr Modi, Sushma Swaraj & other ministers at central govt and many other such people at state levels to show austerity in public life and remain away from fatty marriages, whether in their own family or it’s of their relatives or friends or voter. One who cannot demonstrate simplicity has no right to be public figure if society is to be changed. They are role models for many people and one of their action has high consideration in society, whether a good cause or a bad action.

It’s a huge source of motivation for corruption when people see fatty marriage in their society.

My suggestion to PMO to inquire all those people account who have arranged marriages in star hotels, costly farm houses or where combined buffet is for more than 150 people in marriage or reception.

Control of expenses in marriages will cheer poor & middle class as well as stop girl foeticide by parents.

There is a need to bring some strict actions to curb menace of splurging money in marriages in India. All star hotels, farm houses & banquets must be surveyed by IT department and investigate about their ongoing rates. Just like in property, then rates should be made as circle rates dividing them in 4-5 categories. Say , category A like farm houses of Mehrauli & Gurgaon highway no party is less than 25 lac; may be classified as Rs 20 lac. If anyone shows smartness paying in cash, the difference lesser than 20 lac of cheque amount should be considered as presumptive gains in IT for person who is booking for party. The marriage registration certificate should be mandatory to book party lawns with PAN nos.

If marriage is of any member of politician, bureaucrat, salaried person, army officers, it must be immediately informed to IT department so that department can actually survey the expenses in marriages.

It is important that sources of expenditures of black money to be curtailed or blocked, the need of it will go down and there are high chances that people actually reduce their involvement in corruption.

We as common people can only hope for the best of our life but then we do have right that Class should not suppress our rights by asking us to remain simple and exhibit power of wealth by themselves.