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If farmers land can be acquired, then why not additional plots and flats to achieve housing for all @narendramodi @myogiadityanath


In Greater noida, thousands of plots and flats are vacant over the years even when possession was given long back.

Even today same greed is not dying down. In India we are more focus on getting fixed returns and that’s the reason too much scams here.

When lacs of flats are still vacant, let people fill it either living self or to a tenant. If 100% occupancy is there even maintenance cost will be less.

At one hand we intend to earn from all means leaving happiness in banks thinking same will be available in old age.

Time has come to understand , only one property is sufficient to live and let others buy the property. When we purchase many property, farmer loses land and we lose money and lead to corruption , forgery, cheating etc.

I would write to Prime Minister that the way he has stopped 500/1000 notes , Lal Batti in one night, he must bring a law to declare all property to be government property giving option to chose only one for self living. Enough is enough. If farmers land can be acquired why not flats and Kothies, in a night housing for all will be achieved.

At max, acquired properties be compensated to a maximum ceiling or fixed annuity.

Let govt be owner of extra properties. Not more than 3 BHK should be allowed.

Many builders have opened hospitals, hotels & colleges using the buyers money; PM Sh Modi ji announce all these properties to be state property.

Govt must come out with law for a declaration on second property for which possession is yet to be given. All such second property should automatically be transferred to Pradhan Mantri Housing Scheme and should be allotted to govt employees, poor people on monthly rent.

We see dream of one dollar equal to one rupee, this is quite possible by unearthing black money or money hoarders. There are chances that property of Trillions of dollar value may not be declared of black money as owners must have taken guards in various laws, but surely will fall into ceiling limit of owning property.

What a vicious cycle, first earn extra, then give rise to bad health , chances of forgery, crimes , loss to environment etc and then held responsible govt on health services , poor policing , delayed justice & bad air.

Modi ji and Yogi ji have to take tough decisions so that all people earn to live respectfully and not allowing few to earn billions.

Those who say about earning billions honestly, it’s quite doubtful. I have seen many of my friends who left their jobs to start business are not able to even earn salary. Everywhere it’s same modus operandi , earning by siphoning money of others either by not paying for supply & labour or not delivering for amount received. PM has to stop this cycle in interest of India. Whosoever breaches contracts need to be sent to jail. Whosoever bounces cheques and not honour payments need to be sent to jail. Crores have become such a common figure.

In conclusion, I must say for genuine buyers there has to be some tough decisions by administration and govt. if JP or Amrapali or Supertech or anyone else is not giving flats to people who is going to reside and for whom it’s first property ie no other property anywhere in India , Govt and Administration must devise some ways , call these builders and ask them to bring money. And if any of these builder refuses, their personal houses, big cars, rayban glasses, Rollex watches, Gucci clothes … all should be auctioned and send them to jail …

Bin Bhay Preet Kare Na koi

If there is a will , there is way for Noida home buyers @myogiadityanath

Rajiv Goyal

Yes there is a problem, of greed , at both ends, buyers as well as sellers , people in government also allowed this to happen, for the reasons, best known to them and open to speculate by others!!!

Just think , how to resolve this problem. I had faced similar problems at Rajhans Indirapuram for my flat… and openly I offered to pay 5% more to builder , on booking cost for completing project.. it worked and everybody got possession, though many were initially refusing.

These are all old booking, let people pay 10-12%, in escrow account , with condition of timely possession. Second is waiver of penalty by NA, the third is purchase of unsold inventory by NA / Govt of UP for selling in future / govt employees or to meet housing for all targets

छात्रा ने काटा स्वामी का प्राइवेट पार्ट, 8 साल से लूट रहा था इज्जत

छात्रा ने काटा स्वामी का प्राइवेट पार्ट, 8 साल से लूट रहा था इज्जत

तिरूवनंतपुरम : केरल में एक 23 वर्षीय कानून की छात्रा ने एक स्वामी का प्राइवेट पार्ट काट डाला. स्वामी गणेशानंद उर्फ हरि स्वामी पिछले आठ साल से छात्रा का यौन शोषण कर रहा था. कोल्लम में पनमाना आश्रम का स्वामी पीड़िता की मां से मिलने के बहाने आता और उसका रेप किया करता था. पुलिस इस मामले की जांच कर रही है. जानकारी के मुताबिक, केरल के कोल्लम में स्थित पनमाना आश्रम में रहने वाला स्वामी गणेशानंद पीड़िता की मां से मिलने उसके घर आया करता था. पीड़िता का आरोप है कि 16 साल की उम्र से स्वामी उसका रेप कर रहा है. वह पिछले आठ से इस दंश को झेल रहा है. बीती रात स्वामी ने उसके साथ जबरदस्ती करने की कोशिश की थी. उसने धारदार हथियार से 54 वर्षीय स्वामी का प्राइवेट पार्ट काट डाला. उसके बाद पुलिस को फोन करके इसकी सूचना दी. पुलिस ने आरोपी को अस्पताल में भर्ती कराया है. बताया जा रहा है कि आरोपी का 90 फीसदी प्राइवेट पार्ट कट चुका है. डॉक्टरों की टीम ने प्लास्टिक सर्जरी की है, ताकि खून को रोका जा सके और यूरीन पास हो सके.
केरल राज्य महिला आयोग की सदस्य प्रमीला देवी ने कहा कि उन्हें युवती के ऐसा करने पर गर्व है. किसी भी व्यक्ति की ऐसी हरकत, खासतौर पर धर्म की आड़ में स्वीकार्य नहीं है. इसी बीच, पुलिस युवती के खिलाफ कानूनी कार्रवाई करने को लेकर उलझन में है. बताया जा रहा है कि पुलिस फिलहाल आरोपी के खिलाफ केस तैयार कर रही है.
पुलिस ने बताया कि पीड़िता की शिकायत पर आरोपी स्वामी गणेशानंद के खिलाफ आईपीसी की धारा 376 और पॉक्सो कानून की विभिन्न धाराओं के तहत केस दर्ज कर लिया गया है. आरोपी का इलाज चल रहा है. उसके बाद उसे गिरफ्तार कर लिया जाएगा. पीड़िता की मां भी इस जुर्म के बारे में जानती थी. उसे भी हिरासत में लिया गया है.