Daily Archive: April 9, 2017

उप मुख्य मंत्री मनीष शिशोदिया ने जनता को म ुर्ख बनाया: विजेंदर गुप्ता

विजेंदर गुप्ता ने कहा कि दिल्ली के उप मुख्य मंत्री मनीष शिशोदिया ने जो बयान दिया है वो सरासर झूठा है और दिल्ली की जनता को मुर्ख बनाया जा रहा है


By Rajiv Goyal

Yes, we do need Jewar Airport. Across party line, all govt have supported it. It is very much in interest of farmers whose land would be acquired. Let govt give them compensation, developed plots, jobs & equity share in SPV for airport

Agriculture is largest employment source at present and feeding Billions of people in country. However at the same time over the years situation of farmers has worsened due to various reasons including socio-economic. At the same time, it has generated political storm over the years but without much benefit to ground level people.

With losses in farming, forceful selling of land, or vulnerable situations of farmers, millions of people have to migrate to cities as labourer and becoming homeless too in country, all due to debts after failed crops.

India with 130 Bn people has to depend upon large tract of land in foreign territory for growing food to feed its people. The water tables are depleting in all states in India; govt or private investments are not coming into agriculture fields. Farmers are left to be dependent upon cash crops which are mostly water dependent. You must be aware that Indians are now developing thousands of Ha of land in Nigeria & Tanzania. In America too, fields are developed on contract farming by Indians.

Airport on the other hand , is expected , will bring lots of business and job opportunities to Noida / Greater Noida/ Mathura / Aligarh etc which have potential to be as metro city in next 10 yrs.

The flights for transporting goods to far flung areas and to international destinations will bring high revenues and ample job opportunities. Delhi airport is overloaded not only inside but its connectivity from city area is also point of major concern.

UP need atleast 10-12 airports. A state like Kerala has got 7 airports. Let’s not think that how many people will go to foreign country from UP cities; think how many can come to India from foreign countries. With Jewar, Agra & Mathura will have nearly one million more visitors every month. Greater noida itself can have thousands of research associates from foreign countries. Why cannt Noida be next "Dubai" or Singapore and why can’t Greater Noida be next Frankfurt of India

The entire belt, specially after Patanjali, can emerge as food processing & Dairy product Capital of India, having Jewar airport operational. The Noida, Greater Noida & Yeida can actually grow at 20%+ for next 10-15 yrs with airport, DMIDC alongwith single window system for industry & Law Order control

It’s the good decision of govt to go ahead and it would have been much better if another 5 airports be planned in entire Uttar Pradesh