Daily Archive: April 7, 2017

Indigo flight again takes off after touch down at IGI, Incident Averted

A major accident has been averted at IGI airstrip when an AirIndia aircraft came in front of a landing Indigo flight.

What can be termed as near-miss in aviation lingo, an Indigo aircraft landed and immediately took off on spotting an Air India aircraft at converging point of the runway.

Both pilots of the two aircraft’s followed standard procedure and tactfully avoided the accident.

While Indigo aircraft went on another round an LA landed 25 minutes later, Air India pilot also aborted the landing following the circumstances.

However DG Civil Aviation said that there was no safety issue, no collision issue and no infringement. Therefore no safety of passengers was compromised.

Indeed air-travellers refuse to believe that immediate take off after touch down can just be a standard procedure.

(Representational Picture)