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Some Indians Good, but Most Indians Bad: Nigerian Men After Attack

A nervous angst punctuates the air in a tiny ward in Greater Noida’s Kailash Hospital.

One of the residents of the room sits back in his bed – his forehead covered in bandages – determined to ignore my presence as he watches the movie Columbiana on the small television screen. Meanwhile, his older brother paces back and forth taking phone calls, keeping a hawk’s eye on his sibling to make sure he doesn’t divulge anything.

How to Register Under GST: All Your Questions Answered

The Union government has shown strong determination in implementing a Goods and Services Tax (GST) that will subsume a majority of the present indirect tax levies in India. This paradigm shift in indirect tax is currently underway and the final GST law is expected to be implemented starting 1 July 2017. As part of this change, every taxpayer or assessee registered under the present indirect tax levies and who meets the criteria laid down in the Model GST Law, is required to register under GST.